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Amaze, Captivate, and Inspire Audiences with Our Spectacular Drone Light Shows!

Pixel Sky Animations specializes in creating unique and imaginative Drone Light Shows that tell stories and transport audiences to new worlds

Drone Light trail. Long exposure photography.

We use a fleet of drones equipped with LED lights that are controlled by a computer program. The program coordinates the movement of each drone in the fleet, allowing them to fly in formation and create different shapes, patterns, and animations.

What is a Drone Light Show?

Drone shows are action-packed performances that utilize a fleet of drones equipped with LED lights to create a coordinated display of patterns and images in the air.

How do Drone Light Shows work?

We use the starry sky as our stage, providing a novel way for creative expression and nuanced narratives.

Our shows combine cutting-edge drone technology, vibrant lighting, and live performance elements to create a truly immersive experience.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or build a loyal community, we’re here to achieve your goals through compelling memorable storytelling.

Our Drone Light Shows Are Perfect For…



Site Inspection

Our expert team conducts a comprehensive site inspection. The show is usually held at a specific venue and requires adequate coordination with logistics, safety and local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations.


Kick-off Meeting

This meeting is a chance to set the direction of the project, to align all the stakeholders, come together to discuss the details of the show and to establish a clear understanding of the project's goals and objectives.



Creation of a concept or theme for the show, which serves as a guide for the overall direction and style of the performance. Next, we will work on creating a detailed script that outlines the specific movements, patterns, and sequences that the drones will perform.


Animation & Design

This is where we bring the drone show to life. Executing the script using 3D animation software and then use specialized drone show software to perfect and refine the choreography.



Ground testing includes checking the communication systems, power systems, and safety features of the drones, as well as simulating flight scenarios to ensure that the drones can function as intended. Flight testing is also performed on-site, where the drones are flown in a controlled environment


Live Drone Show

Producing a live drone light show involves coordinating and executing a live performance that is typically done in front of an audience. The show can be recorded and edited in post-production to be reposted in social media and other platforms.

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