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Our shows are perfect for:

Indoor & Outdoor Events

Drone Light Show at a public event

Drone light shows can be used for events that are held both indoors and outdoors, allowing for flexibility in terms of location and audience size.

Corporate Events

Complement your Corporate and Product Launch events with a Drone Light Show

Companies can use drone light shows to create a visually stunning display at product launches, trade shows, and other corporate events.

Festivals & Retreats

Drone Light Shows are perfect entertainment for festivals & Retreats

Drone light shows can be used to add a visually stunning and exciting element to music festivals, arts festivals, retreats, and other cultural events.

Sporting Events

Drone Light shows are perfect to complement Live Concerts and Sporting Events

Drone light shows can be used to entertain audiences during halftime shows, pre-game and post-game shows, and other sporting events.

Civic Events

Drone Light Shows are a great compliment for Election and civic events

Cities can use drone light shows to create a visually stunning display for events such as New Year’s Eve celebrations, Independence Day fireworks, and other public events.


Whether it is your marriage or proposal, you can show your love with a mesmerizing drone show display.

Drone light shows can be used to add a unique and memorable touch to wedding ceremonies and receptions.


As you let your imagination take over the sky, you can choose the number of drones and duration of the show. This will determine the complexity and price. For example:

50 Drones

A good option for solid, 2D shapes and imagery and when space may be a constraint.

100 Drones

The additional number of drones provides the capability to paint the sky with more volumetric, 3D shapes and animations.

200 Drones

A premium experience. More drones enable higher resolution imagery, more dimension, detail, and more complex animations and scenes.

illuminated-blue-drones-glowing-in-the-black-night-2023-03-15-21-19-36-utc (1).jpg
Look up at the sky; let us remind you
of the cosmos.

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
And fly with us into the story! Bring your story to life in the sky.

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